Can my charity or non-profit get listed on the site? Can my charity benefit from the free donations being generated?

Yes! We currently have limited spaces open for non-profits that wish become “Early Adopters”. We will give you a custom link code for your charity. Then, anyone using the desktop site via that link code will then be generating donations for your charity or non-profit.

We cash out a non-profit/cause anytime the total donations are divisible by the seed amount. Individual non-profits have an initial seed amount (thinking of it like a free matching fund to get you started) of $50, so that means you can cash out at $100, $150, $200, (etc.) in donations generated. And, this is on top of the free $50 we donated to your non-profit to get the ball rolling for you!

Apply to be an “Early Adopter” here.

Wait a second, you are saying that you will donate $50 to my charity or non-profit just for signing up as an “Early Adopter” and you will also permanently waive all platform fees on the site?

Yes, it is ridiculous. Apply here. We really do not anticipate that this offer will last very long.

How does Streaming4Chaity.org work?

Just watch your favorite YouTube channels, Twitch.TV channels and videos and free cash micro-donations are being made for your favorite charity or cause. Keep the site open and keep generating free donations all day long. It’s “click to donate” for the 21st century.

How does Sharing4Charity.org work?

Share your favorite pictures with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or wherever and free cash micro-donations are being generated for your favorite charity or cause.  We estimate that every “share” is worth about $0.10 to $1.00 in donations for  your charity or cause. That might seem small, but micro-donations have a macro-impact over time.

Why should my charity sign up? How is this different than other click to donate and fundraising sites?

We are working on a longer answer. But, the short answer is that it is completely free, it requires no effort on the part of your supporters, even if they can not afford to open their wallet, they can still watch some videos or share some pictures to generate donations.

The main way we are different than other Click-T0-Donate sites is that any charity or non-profit can participate, you do not have to be one of the “big players”.

So, do you actually give the charity or non-profit the crypto-currency generated?

We take the amount of crypto-currency generated on behalf of your cause and convert it to USD (we cover all conversion and exchange fees as part of our service) to pay conventionally via Stripe (preferred), PayPal, or Visa/Mastercard.

If you prefer to be paid in Monero, we can do that too… just give us your Monero address in the Payout information. We just think paying conventionally is a bit easier for most charities and non-profits.

Can people give directly to my charity or non-profit via your site?

Soon! We are currently testing direct donations. We anticipate that we will charge a 5% platform fee (similar to sites like GoFundMe and Tiltify) for direct donations while the card processor will charge a 2.9% rate plus $0.30 per transaction. Charities and non-profits of any size, even those who do not have websites will be able to use the site platform. However, “Early Adopters” will have the platform fee waived for the entire life of the site. Your non-profit will only have to pay the standard card processing fees.

Can you give a little bit more detail about how donations are generated?

Sure. Computers these days are way overpowered for every day tasks. You can easily watch a video online and still have plenty of CPU power left over to solve some algorithms for charity. So, while you are browsing the site and streaming video or looking at pictures, we are using some of your computer’s excess CPU power to run an algorithm that finds a cryptocurrency called Monero (XMR). It is similar to Bitcoin, but due to differences in the algorithms, it really doesn’t make sense to use a non-GPU CPU to try to find Bitcoin anymore, but Monero is still perfectly suitable for everyday CPU’s and is easier to find. So, that’s how it works.

Why are you doing this? How did you come up with the idea of the site?

Well, we originally conceived of the site as a basic site where people could pull up a browser window and generate donations for their favorite charities. But, that seemed like inviting people to stare at a brick-wall. People want to do good. But, on average, people are not “white knights”, people need some minor incentive to get them moving in the right direction.

That’s when we came up with the idea of streaming videos, games, and audio on the site. If people are actually getting something of value from the site, and we are giving them a reason to stick around; Then, we are generating donations for charity for something that people are doing already: Streaming and watching videos, games, and audio online. People are already watch these popular Youtube channels, so just watch them here, donating some free cash to charity at the same time. That’s where everybody wins!

So, there is a hidden coin miner in the videos or pictures?

LOL. No. Nothing is hidden. The miner is in a frame at the top of the page (an AJAX Single Page Application). Not hidden. You can see it working. That’s how we generate the donations for the charity, non-profit, or cause of your chioce. There are no ads on the desktop application. We also give notice of the miner whenever anyone visits the site for the first time. We are pretty upfront about all this.

I’ve heard bad things about crypto-mining. Is this malware?

No. Not at all. Unfortunately, crypto-miners got a bad rap when they first came out because some site owners unscrupulously did not let their users know about what they were doing. That wasn’t cool. In actuality, crypto-mining is just an alternative to traditional ads. And, for a site like ours, because our main mission is to donate money to charity, we actually aren’t even allowed to have ads from popular networks like Google Adsense on the desktop site if we donate any of the proceeds to charity. They consider that “incentivized clicking” because people are more likely to click on things just to generate donations for the charity and not because they are actually interested in the advertisers.

So, in some sense, because we can’t be supported by traditional ads, a site like ours could not even function without an alternative revenue source such as crypto-mining.

Do I have to be actually watching or streaming a video in order to generate cash for donations?

Nope. You just have to be on the desktop site. So, remember to keep the site running in a background tab on your PC all the time to keep generating free donations for your charity or cause!!!

I can’t see the donations being generated?

Turn your ad-blocker off. If you are using Opera, you will need to go to Settings, and uncheck Block Ads. If your Anti-Virus program is being a jerk, you may need to whitelist our site there too.

The number for my personal donations got reset to 0?

No need to worry. This is a session based variable. So, if you click refresh or come back to the page, the amount of donations for the session is reset. But, any previous session still gets added into the grand total of the donations.

How much is being donated?

60% of the revenue During the beta testing and for all Early Adopters, 100% of the revenue generated by the miner on the desktop browser application goes to the charity or cause of your choice. We  charge a platform fee of 40% of revenue, currently waive the platform fee for Early Adopters,  from the miner for administration, development, currency exchange fees, commissions, server and hosting costs, programming, as well as all the individual API calls. All these costs are quite considerable. We are a for-profit company. We have to eat and have bills to pay and keep the lights on like everybody else. But, we also want to help people at the same time. 🙂

So, during beta testing, we offer a 100%/100% revenue split. Individual charities receive 100% of donations generated via their tracking link on the desktop app, while our site receives 100% of revenue from ads and offers on mobile traffic (where the miner has been disabled as a courtesy).

Are you making money off of ads on the desktop application?

Nope! Not at the moment. Right now we are focused on developing a high quality curated streaming/entertainment site and the miner is the sole source of donations on the desktop application.

We currently run ads on mobile devices only. However, per the terms of service with advertisers, none of this revenue from mobile devices is permitted to be donated to any charities.  That’s one reason why we do the 100%/100% split.

Are you affiliated with any specific charities ?

And, we support charities that we like, those requested by individuals donors,  and those that we think also add value to people’s lives. But, nope, no affiliation of any kind.

Are you affiliated with any of the YouTube or Twitch channels or streams or other content on the site?

No. There is no affiliation. We promote channels and content that we like and that we think have value.

If any of your personal material has made it’s way on to the site whether via a direct API call or human intervention and you do not want to be promoted here. That’s totally cool. We want to promote, positivity, ,chill, and compassionate streams and content that try to make the word a better place. So, no need for any formal DMCA take down notice. Just shoot us an email and let us know what is bugging you and we are sure that we we will be able to make you happy any way we can. So, just ask nicely, and we will respond nicely. No problem.

What is being generated? How is the total amount generated calculated?

The amount of cash generated is our best faith estimate of what each charity, non-profit, or cause is earning. This number is calculated via recent exchange rates of XMR to USD and recent payouts based on block difficulty and the overall block reward (this number changes nearly every 2 hours, the exchange rate fluctuates constantly). Of course, if the exchange rate changes, the amount of cash generated for charity could be more or less USD upon conversion. But, we think the numbers we provide are pretty accurate.  As of 05/08/18 at Noon PST, the actual payout for each charity/cause is 0.00005978 XMR per 1M hashes on your behalf.

The total amount donated is calculated by summing  the total value of any seed funds, the full value of any cryptocurrency mined, as well as any direct donations to the charity or non-profit.

Who are you donating to?

You can pick any number of causes or individual charities or non-profits by selecting them in the drop down menu and you can even change charities or causes while you browse the site (Try it! It is cool!). We are currently working on publicly partnering with specific charities for each cause listed on the site.

How much can can be raised with Streaming4Charity.org? What about Sharing4Charity.org?

The sky is the limit. Let’s see…if we take just one of the more popular Youtube channels, and in 3 days, one of their popular videos gets about 5,000,000 views. If every one of those people watched the video from Streaming4Charity.org, we estimate that this one video alone would generate about $2,000 in donations! Or, let’s take another example, if we look at one of the most popular games, like Overwatch, on the gaming stream Twitch and everyone watched the respective channels for Overwatch here on Streaming4Charity.org, about $20,000 would be donated to charity in just 24 hours.

For Sharing4Charity.org, we estimate that on the low end, each picture/video shared will generate about $.01-$.10 per charity/cause with light sharing. More popular posts can easily generate $0.10-$1.00 for each share on social media. But, there is no upper limit! If the link to your picture/video goes “viral”, you could easily earn $100-$1000 or even more for your cause!

Is this going to drain my battery on my cell phone/mobile device?

No. We aren’t jerks. The donation generator will recognize if you are on a mobile device and not run. The mining takes up some CPU power which is not a big deal for a plugged-in laptop. But, it can drain a cell phone’s battery. So, the application detects if you are using a mobile device and you will just be accessing the site regularly with no donations being generated for any specific charity or cause. Just remember to bring the site back up on your desktop when you get plugged in again.

So, can I just leave this going on my work computer overnight? And, it will generate donations for charity?

Yep! Just leave the homepage open even if you aren’t watching or streaming anything. Watch the donations grow in the morning. Do it! And, you can even just flip on one of our screensavers.

Or, if you (or your kids) need help going to sleep, then check out our selection of channels with relaxing music and lullabies. You can literally generate donations for your charity/cause while you are sleeping!

I feel like the site is making the stream/my computer slow?

Maybe. We are currently working on a way to give you control over the speed / % of your CPU. We would like to give you control over how slow or how fast you would like to generate cash for charity. This feature will be available soon. But, we did recently add a play/pause button, so you can always pause the miner/donations at any time.

Can we stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Periscope, Ustream, Facebook Live, Last.Fm, specific Podcasts, etc?

Not yet. We are working on it. We hope to have Hulu, Periscope, and Ustream available soon.

How about Pandora or Spotify?

We are working on making Spotify available. But, keep in mind, Spotify is a subscription service, so you would only be able to stream Spotify on Streaming4Charity.org only if you had a Spotify subscription.

Can you add my Twitch/YouTube channel as a featured channel? Can we partner or affiliate with your site?

Maybe. Shoot us an email and we will see. Keep in mind, we are very selective about the content featured on the site.

Can my Twitch/YouTube channel partner with Streaming4Charity ?

We are currently beta testing a partner program that pays a 20% commission on all donations generated via the desktop app via your custom link. Please contact us to learn more.

I have a suggestion / technical problem?

Let us know! Please! We don’t want to be just a way to generate donations for charity. We also want to provide the highest quality curated free streaming service available. So, if you see a glitch, let us know, please!

So, can I stream or cast from Streaming4Charity to my TV?

You sure can! For most embedded videos or streams, you can cast to your TV if you are using Chrome by clicking the cast button in the lower right hand corner of the video/stream.

Twitch doesn’t play for me in Firefox?

You need to set Auto-Play media to on.

I saw something offensive, can you take it down?

Yes. We have an automated filtering system that catches a lot of spam and other unwanted content. But, keep in mind, this is the Internet. And, much of our site is constructed from user generated content and aggregations of public feeds. So, there are bound to be some things that might be offensive. That is just how the Internet works.

Still, contact us and report any objectionable content. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and the like.

Can I donate to Streaming4Charity.org?

No! If you want to donate cash directly, please just donate to the charity or cause of your choice.

How is Streaming4Chairty.org different than other click to donate / micro-donation sites?

Well, similar to other micro-donation sites (like the Hunger Site, Free Rice, etc) we that micro-donations add up over time and can have a macro-impact.

But, on many micro-donation sites, you can only visit once per day. Or, you have to but something or complete some action to generate donations for charity.

However, on our suite of sites, generations for your charity/cause are being donated the *entire time* a user is on the site. And, users do not have to buy anything or open their wallets at all! All you have to do is watch videos, share pictures, browse a site or do whatever else you might ordinarily do on the Internet.

So, in comparison with other fundraisers and soliciting donations, this is an incredibly small and easy ask for your supporters.

What sites are there in the the Streaming4Charity.org network?

1. Streaming4Charity.org, our flagship “channel-based” site where you watch popular YouTube channels, Twitch streams, listen to podcasts and music, watch 500+ legal full length movies, or even just flip on a screensaver and donate money to charity at the same time.

2. Sharing4Charity.org, where you can browse and share the most popular pictures and viral videos on the web. Or, upload your own! We estimate that each time a person shares a picture or video on the site, on average, it can generate anywhere from $0.10-$1.00 in donations for charity.

3. Surfing4Charity.org, currently in development, our free web-based browsing proxy where you can surf the web or any Internet site and generate charitable donations at the same time.

Can you track my donations across all the sites in the network?

Yes. Each charity and cause is tied into the same database, so in that sense, aggregate donations can be tracked across all three sites. You may need to re-select your charity/cause on the drop down menu when you switch sites. We are not currently tracking the session based individual donations across sites, but we are currently working on “Cross Origin Resource Sharing” which will solve this issue. It will be pretty cool.

Who is running the site?

Streaming4Charity.org is owned by Digital Research Lab, LLC, located in Harrisburg, PA with additional offices in Eugene, OR.

How do you share earnings from the site where the miner is not activated or tracking is otherwise not available?

So, for any revenue that can not be tracked to an individual charity or cause (mainly mobile ads or alternative ads where the miner is disabled), this goes into our “general charity fund”. These funds are added into the donations individual charity/cause on a proportional basis to the overall number of hashes solved for each quarter. 90% of the “general charity fund” is distributed proportionally (in relation to the total number of hashes solved on the desktop application) each quarter, while 10% is reserved for charities that are local to our site’s founders (Harrisburg, PA and Eugene, OR).

This may sound complex. But, this is the most fair and most transparent solution that we can currently come up with. It also ties into our company’s core values and mission to encourage and empower people to give back locally.

Can I license the desktop application for my own site?

Yes. We do provide licensing opportunities for the application for other sites as well other “white label” services. Please contact us for details.

Can I share my stream/screen with a friend and we can chat about it in real time?

Odd you should ask that. But, we are currently working on stream sharing technology where you can share your stream with 10 friends and chat about whatever you might be watching in real time. Think about it like getting together for movie night even if your friends are 1,000’s of miles away.