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Sign up as part of our “Early Adopter” program today and get $50 in seed donations for your charity!

As part of our “Early Adopter” program, we are offering your non-profit  a 100%/100% revenue split. Individual charities and non-profits earn 100% of donations generated via your custom link on the desktop app. Our site earns 100% of revenue from the ads on our mobile site (where it is necessary to disable the miner anyway).

Additionally, Streaming4Charity.org and our sister site, Sharing4Charity.org will soon allow your non-profit to accept direct donations. When we roll out our direct donation feature, all members of the “Early Adopter” program will waive the platform fee of 5%  for life! Your charity or non-profit will only be charged the standard 2.9%, plus $0.30 per transaction by the card processor (PayPal or Stripe).

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